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im loving the simple combat made complex with the limited attacks and variety, makes it pretty rich and entretaining

resident evil 1 but for snes and more campy. i love it

I didn't expect to need this so hard. It's very well written, thank you

I get it, routine and lonelyness can be powerfull and silent killers. And sometimes if you dont decide to approach someone, you could miss your chance. Also I dig the artwork tho. music and sound effects are nice.

But you add so many plaussibilities without exploring any. If we could pay the bills, we could have a chat online or wactch the lights. If we skipped work once it could force an elecction between paying that or the decorations. Even more so by having so many business that could have been entered and interact with people, buy drinks or food. Who knows.

What im trying to say is that yes, I get a strong message (even if its not the intended one) your actions matter. you matter. but without the ability of choice and your actions altering your surroundings, the connotation does almost the opposite.

it's nice, the message is concrete if a little too obvious even at the start of the conflicts. Possibility for different endings would have sold it completely for me.

This is so fun

I can see how you wanted to tell your story. and for that, i respect you. i also, however, can see that you and i handle things differently. and for that, i allso respect you. nice game.

i love this kind of games, simbolic, meaningfull, fun, and with replay value. one more problem that is out there, im trying to get some remaining medals but now, after getting the sword but not takingthe gun, when getting close to the first part that takes away the halo, it crashes. sound goes on, but the frame is frozen over. just letting you know

i love this game. the art stile is very atractive

you get a star mostly becouse of the sprites and the level layout its at least a nice plataformer. here are the main flaws. akward sliding controls when running and jumping. the attacks have no effect. i think i beat the game by jumping above them, and i say i think, because after the third level it just kept repeating itself. its tolerable, but its really has nothing good going for it, nothing making it stand out.


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